JVO Radio

What a wonderful, self-indulgent, easy-to-do thing Internet Radio is. I’ve been wanting to do something musical and D.J.-like on the web forever. Because I didn’t have the proper equipment (mics, for the most part), I decided that podcasts were out of the question. So I signed up with Live365.com to see if it was worth the effort.

The 7-day trial offer doesn’t offer up a whole lot of musical storage space to work with. If I want to upgrade when the trial is over, I’m staring at hundreds of dollars just to make the library big enough to not make me embarrassed. With that in mind, I dunno if I’m 100% convinced I’m going to stay with this. I do love the idea of playing songs from my personal collection for people–it’s kinda like having friends over, without having to drop constant hints to get them to leave.

Let me know what you think. The few songs I was able to upload are just a smattering of tracks from artists that happen to be located within the first few letters of the alphabet. There is some genre and era jumping, but I tried to make this trial run feel pretty consistent (not too many trainwrecks) throughout. I left it pretty “alt” for now, though I have detailed ideas for webcasts exclusively dedicated to hard/heavy, industrial, classic album tracks, unsigned bands, Chicago music, etc. We’ll see how things progress.


Thanks for listening,


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