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Suck it, Chicago winter

I can’t stand the sight of my winter clothes anymore. My boots, coat, gloves and hat just piss me off at this point. I resent any day when I have to layer up and see my breath within seconds of walking outside.

Thinking I wasn’t the only one who must be having these thoughts, I decided to have a “winter clothes burning” party; a chance for people to come by and purge apparel that will be forever associated with this year’s awful weather. Then I realized I  can’t be trusted to control a bonfire of clothes. Further, there’s surely a more responsible approach to getting rid of our collective cold weather-wear.

I decided instead to do a “winter purge” for charity. Only problem is, that’s as far as I’ve gotten with the idea. I’m open to ideas as to how to coordinate location/charity. My goal is to do it before Opening Day, Chicago’s unofficial beginning of Spring.

I’d love your input!

Chicago bands – it’s time to celebrate LOCALCEMBER

I’ve had a very memorable year podcasting with the Steve Dahl Network. Most recently, and shockingly, my show was nominated for the national Podcast Awards. Once I get more information on how to vote for a winner, I’ll probably be asking for your help (In fact, I think voting officially starts tomorrow).

I’ve been lucky to have had some big-time guests on this year, mostly from the world of music (go figure). It occurred to me, however, that I should probably take a few steps back and spend more time focused on an area I love and have unintentionally underserved: Chicago music.

December, 2012 is LOCALCEMBER on the James VanOsdol Show, featuring nothing but Chicago bands. I’ll be interviewing cool up-and-coming local bands all month and, if the bands are willing, also playing their music on the show.

What does this mean to you? If you’re in a band, I want to hear your stuff. If you know someone in a band, please tell them about Localcember. It’ll be just like when I hosted Local 101 back in the day … only this time around, I don’t need to edit out profanity from songs. Well, that, and I’ll have to get formal permission to actually play the songs.

Genre is unimportant. I’ll play rock, metal, alt, blues … whatever sounds good.

Contact me at Localcember: it’s a Chicago thing.


Local bands: you can follow in the footsteps of these honorable folks, who have all been interviewed on my show this year (listed in no particular order):

Jenny McCarthy
James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins/A Perfect Circle)
Alan Parsons
Queensryche (Geoff Tate)
The Yardbirds (Jim McCarty)
The Tubes (Fee Waybill)
Steve Howe (Yes/Asia)
Thomas Dolby
Johnny Winter
Rebirth Brass Band
Dick Dale
Pat Travers
Soul Asylum (Dave Pirner)
actor Paul Adelstein (“Private Practice,” “Prison Break”)
Eve 6
The Toadies
Smoking Popes
musician/producer Butch Walker
The Last Vegas
Martin Atkins (Pigface, Public Image Ltd.)
Die Warzau (Jim Marcus)
Girl in a Coma
Chantal Claret (solo artist/Morningwood singer)
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound
Off Broadway
Emilie Autumn
author/rock critic Jim DeRogatis
author Brian Cronin (“Was Superman a Spy?”)
author Will Murray (Doc Savage)
horror film host Svengoolie

We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm: the Cover

Details about its release coming soon!



This blog has been well-traveled over the past several years, spending time at Blogger, Chicago Now, Quick Blogcast, and a few others I’ve likely forgot.

Now in its current/permanent WordPress home, I’m painfully aware that a lot of older posts are out of sorts either because of the text formatting (something to do with “div tags,” which I never really understood) or missing images.

As work on my podcast and book continue, it’s been a challenge to go back into the archives to work on bringing all my posts back to a consistent standard. It’s something I’m aware of, and will continue to work on as time allows.

Thanks for reading!

I’ve got some big news …


More details soon.

Podcast Debut! Episode One: Svengoolie

Well, it’s official: I’m podcasting again. On a related note, I really need to come up with a name for the podcast.

I’m proud to say that Svengoolie agreed to be my first guest. The long-running local horror host and rubber chicken aficionado didn’t even blink when I asked him to come on a brand new podcast with absolutely no history or reputation.

Thanks for listening!



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Guest hosting on the LOOP this weekend

I swear I’m done with radio, and have no plans to return in a part- or full-time capacity again. I am, however, open to the idea of popping on the air every now and then, just for fun.

This Saturday night, I’ll be doing just that. The Loop is focusing on the 90s all weekend, and wanted to address Q101’s demise in some way. They asked me to host three hours of “alty” hits, and share memories about the artists I’ll be playing. If nothing else, it’ll be a curious distraction from Led Zeppelin and Rush for the station.

Everything’s been prerecorded (taken care of on my lunchbreak today, in fact), but hopefully it will still have that awkward “live” feel you’ve come to love over the years.


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