On the behavior of Starbucks customers. Mini-Kiss, too.

I get my coffee on an almost-daily basis from Starbucks. Some would have you believe that there should be some sort of yuppie shame attached to this, but I refute that in the most defiant way.

The thing that drives me insane about Starbucks isn’t the store or its products. It’s the customers. Every single day I go there, I witness the same annoying thing-customers dumping the upper tenth of their coffee into the garbage. These are people who want more room for their cream and milk. Instead of actually asking their fresh-faced barista to leave some room, I watch these folks dump scalding-hot coffee into the trash receptacle, lined only with a thin plastic garbage bag. Is it that difficult to ask the person taking your order to leave room for cream? I especially love the steam that wafts up from out of the garbage, with a gag-inducing, vaguely acrid, burnt smell.

How did I not know? I was watching VH1’s “100 Most Metal Moments” last night, and was floored and excited to learn of the existence of MINI-KISS! It’s like Kiss, only they’re midgets. Featured as commentators on the show were Mini-Gene, Mini-Paul, Mini-Ace, and Mini-Peter (Mini-Eric Carr, Mini-Vinnie Vincent, Mini-Mark St. John, Mini-Bruce Kulick, and Mini-Eric Singer were nowhere to be found). Mini-Kiss has officially captured my heart and imagination. Destroyer? I hardly know her…


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