Intolerable Cruelty and Paul Adelstein

I watched Intolerable Cruelty yesterday. It’s not great by Coen Brothers standards, but I really liked it.

Three Kings, Ocean’s Eleven, Out of Sight: I’m a total George Clooney fan. Clooney’s supporting cast helped to elevate his performance; particularly the guy who played Clooney’s assistant, Chicago native Paul Adelstein. He was awesome as a nerdy sychophant to Clooney’s role of calculated and cool divorce attorney. I got to know Paul when he fronted a local band that became a personal favorite of mine, Doris. He’s an incredibly funny guy and a great actor, too. Seeing him on the screen with Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones was just the coolest. My fingers are crossed for him landing even bigger roles in the future.He really is good.


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