Book update

Just another day at the salt mine. Two slots on the day’s itinerary fell through–Brad Wood had to reschedule due to a bad case of the flu (here’s hoping it’s not Avian); and Dag Julin of the Slugs/PDP forgot entirely about the interview, which I’m working on rescheduling for the end of the month.

I did, however, manage to do three interviews today–Mark Schwarz (mentioned below in the Area 51 post), Sam Loeffler of Chevelle, and Doug McCombs of Tortoise/Eleventh Dream Day. I did Sam and Doug back-to-back, which made me immediately think about how broad the music scene is (or at least was in the 1990’s).

Taking tomorrow off. Next week–Johnny K., Liz Phair, Joe Shanahan, Chris Connelly, and more!

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