Too Much Time On My Hands

Truly the story of my post-”Black Monday” life. Also an apt way to describe my Friday night.

I went to high school with Todd Sucherman, the drummer of Styx (he joined the band after their original drummer died in the 90’s). Before Styx, Todd was in a pretty cool independent band from Chicago called the Falling Wallendas. I had interviewed Todd for my book a while back, and over the course of conversation, he mentioned that Styx was coming back through town and I should go. I hadn’t seen Todd since graduation (I think–some of those post H.S. days are something of a blur), so I thought it would be a totally fun thing to do. Besides, I’d never seen Styx in my life.

And??? I had a blast. Total hit parade. “Blue Collar Man” into “Lorelei” and “The Grand Illusion”…”Come Sail Away,” “Renegade,” “Crystal Ball”…all played by guys who honestly know how to play their instruments well.

Today I’m feeling grand and illusory.

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