Book update

The people who forget about doing their interviews and need to reschedule are killing me. I’ve been so regimented in my scheduling that having to re-plug people in has been really difficult. I’m trying to cram in another intense two weeks worth of conversations before I go back to work. Yes, work.

Recent interviewees include Jim Marcus (Die Warzau), Chris Connelly (Ministry/Revolting Cocks/solo), Dag Juhlin (Slugs), Johnny K (Groovemeister), Joe Shanahan (Metro), and Liz Phair. Next week–Nina Gordon, Steve Albini, the folks from the Hideout, Chris Holmes (Sabalon Glitz/Yum Yum), and more.

Transcribing has become incredibly daunting. I’m about 45 interviews behind at this point and trying to do at least one a night.

I’ve been doing little “mock-ups” of what parts of chapters could look like for friends, and they seem interested, though friends are supposed to seem interested.

I’ve got some INCREDIBLE pictures lined up for the book so far. Truly incredible. Can’t wait for you to see them…

Gobble gobble,


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