I had a bizarre bouillabaisse of cold/flu/laryngitis over the past week that completely kicked my ass. The laryngitis is connected to weird sinuses in my head, and happens about once or twice a year.

Having laryngitis while unemployed isn’t a big deal; it’s having it while holding down an on-air job that really blows. My
two most horrible experiences of being voiceless centered around interviews. The first was backstage
at the United Center, when I was set to do the last Smashing Pumpkins radio interview (of course, that
point is now moot, with a reunion all but inevitable). Despite steaming myself in the Bulls shower, sucking
down herbal tea, and taking fistfuls of lozenges, my voice was toast. My big moment–hoarse and strained.

My voice was also shot when I had to interview Staind at the Zone a couple of years back. In terms of
import, that obviously wasn’t on a par with the last SP interview, but it was one of less than five
interviews I was allowed to do during my midday show (for those keeping track, the others were the Cure,
the Goo Goo Dolls, and Megadeth). Given the rare nature of the opportunity, It was a total drag.

Healthy today.

Onward and upward.

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