There’s a star above the stranger tonight…

Another Christmas holiday, another round of brownies, cookies, and otherwise not-so-healthy stuff shoved into my greedy fat face.

Some catching up:

1. “The Skeleton Key” on DVD. Way better than I’d expected.
2. My book. Still working nonstop. It’s kinda like having a full-time job without the pay. Speaking of which…
3. Full-time job. Working on it.
4. For reasons unknown to even myself, I downloaded the .38 Special Anthology from iTunes. And, strangely enough…
5. I found it more enjoyable than the Arcade Fire/David Bowie live E.P. I downloaded.
6. I’m still working on my “Best of 2005″ list. I’ve found so many already-published lists completely pretentious and insincere, which has forced me to take a little extra time to be honest and complete.
7. “Syriana.” Syri-yawn-a. Seriously, this is what the media’s so impressed by? Doesn’t anyone have the stones to come out and admit that it was a horrible bore and uninteresting mess? Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who likes George Clooney to the point of forgiving him for his turn as “Batman.”
8. Speaking of movies–”The Chronicles of Narnia.” I saw it just because I felt like I should. I did enjoy it about nine million times more than the latest “Harry Potter,” but still felt like I was watching a kid’s movie (which I was, of course). Too much family entertainment as of late. Bring on the porn and snuff films…

The lyric that has haunted me all day:
“The two girls from Veruca Salt, and all three Beastie Boys…”

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