2006. A recap of the past 12 days and then some…

I’m back and thrilled to be there. If you’re up late in the middle of the night, working on the meth lab or whatnot, tune in or call. Thanks.

Just to get it out of my system, I want to address the shit sandwich that is unemployment. It kinda rocked for the first month–the weather was awesome, I got a ton of work done on my book, and spent loads of time catching up with friends. Lots of nice calls and emails, too–”Hey, JVO, just want to see how you’re doing. Let’s go for lunch–I’ll buy!” After about the first 3-4 weeks of unemployment, the calls and emails didn’t just taper off, they stopped dead cold. That’s when the reality of joblessness started to sink in. That’s also when the more sobering reality of my lack of non-radio skillsets started to sink in, too. “Sure,” I thought, “I’ve done radio all my life and it’s in my blood, but maybe I can do something else in a totally different field.” Misguided thinking like that led me to a series of humiliating rejections from companies that were totally smart to reject me.

The nadir of unemployment is, of course, the ignominy of signing up for unemployment. I decided to enroll at the local office, rather than do it online–you know, just to get out of the house and interact with my fellow man. Every one of the benefits-seekers I saw in the office had that “dangerous loner” look to them. It was kinda like shuffling through the lobby of an upscale transient hotel, if there are such things.

The fear of the unknown is a strong thing, particularly when nagging little things like a mortgage and family to support come into play. I’m very fortunate to not only have found a new job, but a job at a place that has always been home to me.

Now that I’m back to work, the mechanics of doing interviews, transcribing them, and writing the copy seems incredibly difficult to manage. I’m sure that I’m just stressed out about it because I’m trying to teach my mind and body a new work routine. I’ll probably have a better handle on everything once I get through my first week or two of overnights.

Tomorrow’s going to be a great interview day for the book–Sascha from KMFDM, Marty from Lovehammers, and Balthazar from Menthol. Also looking forward to talking with David Grubbs from Gastr Del Sol soon.

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