“24″-Night two of the season premiere was way more dull than night one. It’s all about setup, I realize, but…

Netflix-I put “The 40-Year Old Virgin” in my queue before it was released on DVD last month, and I just today got an email saying it would arrive in my mailbox on Wednesday. Good to see that Netflix is now on a frustrating “out of stock” par with the brick and mortar stores.

Feats of athleticism-I’m sooooo out of my running routine. Despite my new schedule’s attempts to keep things that way, I’m going to force myself out on a four-mile run tomorrow.

My book-One of the hidden difficulties in writing a book like mine is the volume of paperwork that needs to be produced–interviewee releases, photo releases, etc. That stuff’s been stressing me out this week, and taking up most of my actual writing time. It’ll all fall into place–shit, it has to–but it’s got me stressed this week.

Road rage-There are lots of things that aggravate me on the road, but few of them are as irritating as the “bypass the backup and merge in the front of the line” move. I saw this a lot on Sunday morning by Soldier Field. Traffic was already backed up at 10:30 a.m., and dozens of us patiently waited as we inched our way off Lake Shore Drive. As we sat and played the hand we were all dealt, there were the occasional drivers who were waaay too important to wait with the rest of us plebians. These guys felt it was “okay” to zoom past the line and crowbar themselves in at the front. Did it work for them? Sure, but that sort of karma can only to exploding gas tanks and carjackings. No thanks.

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