2006 Movies

My website-within-a-website (Postmodern concept or business as usual? You be the judge) at Q101.com went up today. Now I officially feel like I’m back at the station.

I’ve been obsessing over “Superman Returns” and the distinct possibility that it will completely suck. The fact that it’s rooted in the continuity of the first two films, coupled with the sad reality of the awful nuthugger costume makes me really nervous. With thoughts of “Superman Returns” top-of-mind, I decided to list my most anticipated movies for 2006:

1. “X-Men 3.” Kelsey Grammer as the Beast should be enough of a reason, right? Of course. But also consider some of the other new additions–Juggernaut and the Angel. And a Danger Room sequence? Game on.
2. Oliver Stone’s 9/11 movie. I’m sure it’ll be brutal and excruciating to watch; but knowing Stone, it’ll also be an impressive time capsule representation of that horrific day.
3. “The Da Vinci Code.” Tom Hanks and Amelie in the movie version of the book that everyone, even illiterate friends of mine, has read.
4. “V For Vendetta.” Alan Moore’s vision will most likely get diluted in this adaptation (though hopefully not to the bland, empty, extent of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”), but I’m a sucker for a silver screen dystopia. Natalie Portman, too.
5. “28 Weeks Later.” Zombies, man, they creep me out.
6. “Superman Returns.” Everything that I said aside, I’ll still be there on opening day. It’s Superman, for Chrissakes…
7. “Casino Royale.” New Bond, the classic Fleming novel.
8. “The Hills Have Eyes.” Here’s hoping that the remake stands up to the original. This should fill my “Devil’s Rejects” needs in 2006.
9. “The Visiting.” An alien epidemic and Nicole Kidman. Now that’s a summer movie…
10. “Mission Impossible 3.” I’ll like it despite its creepy cult spokesperson star. Damn you, Cruise.

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