Stuff, 1/25/06

I interviewed Fred Armisen today about his Trenchmouth days. I think he was happy to do an interview that had nothing to do with “SNL” for once. I refrained from asking him “So…Saturday Night Live…being on the show kicks ass, right?”

ABC buys Pixar
It looks like the sale of ABC Radio won’t be far behind. Though not by my decision, it looks like I got out at a good time.

The Ghost of Unemployment-
I got two rejection letters today from jobs I applied to while I was between gigs–one from Ravinia, and one from Time Out Chicago. All I could think as I read them was, “Wait a minute, I applied to Ravinia??”

New music-
Cat Power and Jenny Lewis–I’m not in love with either yet, but I’m trying. A+ for effort on my part…

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