Su, su, Sudafed…

I spent the weekend laid out with a flu/sinus/cold hybrid that felt like the Bird Flu, only without the death.

Being home all weekend did allow me to catch up on bad television and to watch “Wedding Crashers” again. I laugh every time I think of the “Wedding Crashers” line “I’m a cocksmith.” See? Happened again.

I’ve shunned new music for the past three days, instead retreating into the comfort of “classic” material. I pulled out “2×4″ by Guadalcanal Diary, “Tender Prey” from Nick Cave, and “Scary Monsters” by Bowie earlier this afternoon. On my way to work tonight, it was the vastly more abrasive “VIVISectVI” by Skinny Puppy–”VX Gas Attack” was how I chose to inaugurate my working week this week.

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