“Arrested Development”

“Arrested Development” looks to be headed for television history tonight, pending a last-minute “save” from another network.

I came into the show late in Season Two, encouraged by a friend to watch Season One on DVD. Once I put the first DVD in, I couldn’t stop until I ran through the entire set. It really is/was the most consistent and funniest comedy television ever offered up (and, yes, that includes “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “The Simpsons,” “Seinfeld,” “Cheers,” and whatever else you want to throw at me).

Ratings were in the toilet throughout “Arrested”’s run, and now FOX is grudgingly wrapping up its commitment to the show by airing the last four shows in a 2-hour block. Apparently, the general public just can’t be bothered to watch smart, irreverent, post-modern, comedies. It’s a big, scary, “According to Jim” world out there.

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