“Prison Break”–now on ABC, NBC, and CBS!

I’ve always contested the plausibility of the mass escapes that plague Arkham Asylum in the Batman comics. I mean, honestly, if you were running the joint, wouldn’t you handle things differently? After the Joker broke out of the asylum for the first time, wouldn’t you invite a team of the world’s (universe’s?) best prison architects to build a better madhouse? No sane insane asylum head would want a problem that dangerous and embarrassing happening under their watch.

Maybe not…
The back-to-back breakouts at Cook County are a huge cause for concern. Prison breaks, two days in a row. This is a hardcore, hard time, prison. These are hardened, violent, criminals…and they made breaking out of Cook County look as challenging as a round of “Candy Land.” It’s great that the escaped cons were forced to give themselves up, but it’s small comfort. Time for some guards to collect unemployment, and for the State to take a hard look at what happened, and how to absolutely guarantee this won’t happen again.

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