In the grand scheme of sucking…

…losing one’s wallet is ranked spectacularly high. As I was getting ready to leave for work I reached for my wallet, which wasn’t in its usual place. I checked my pockets–nope. Jacket–nope. Backpack–not even close. The car–crap. It’s lost. Someone is more than likely charging a new KIA to my Citibank or spending the $30 that was in my wallet on quarter beers at Mickey’s Tap Room out in Markham.

The realization of losing my wallet was bad enough; realizing it as I had to jet out the door for work was even worse. Now I know what my Friday’s going to look like–work on the air until 5:30a.m., drive home, stay awake for a couple hours, then drive over to Elston for a new driver’s license. Once I get home from there, I’ll get to enjoy all the thrill-a-minute good times involved with cancelling credit cards and figuring out what other stuff was in my wallet that needs replacing.


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