Thoughts on a few new songs

The Vines “Don’t Listen to the Radio”-Sure, deflect the attention from the fact that you guys got an extension on your already-undeserved moment in the spotlight. “Ms. Jackson” cover aside, I’ve yet to find anything redeemable about this band. I’d call them strokes, but that opens up an unintentional line of discussion.

Mogwai “Glasgow Mega-Snake”-It kinda rocks, in that non-vocal sort of way.

Goldfrapp “Ooh La La”-Near perfect, Norman Greenbaum sample and all. If only in my parallel universe, Allison Goldfrapp is a superstar.

The M’s “Plan of the Man”-Playing “spot the influences” is far too easy. I’m much more content enjoying it for its own sake.

Infadels “Girl That Speaks No Words”-For my taste, this band finishes the job that the Pulsars started in my CD collection about 8 years ago. The cool kids have had this as an import for a while, though I’m just getting around to it.

Rye Coalition “Young Yellers”-I always find myself wanting them to be better than they are. When I first heard them, they sounded like the Jesus Lizard, which held my interest. Now they sound like a shittier Monster Magnet, and that’s no good at all.

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