I was sick–siiiiiick–all last week, pretty much through last night. Splitting headache, fever, sore throat, lung-clearing coughs, I enjoyed it all for seven days straight. I learned that being sick on an overnight schedule is much harder than a “normal” day schedule. Note to self: Take more vitamins, and don’t share air with any other humans ever again.

Watched “The Ice Harvest” last night–loved it.


When I have nightmares, I don’t mess around with small-time goblins and ghouls. The stuff of my scary dreams makes Clive Barker read like “Goodnight Moon.” I had a nightmare so intense this morning that I woke up screaming. Actually, it wasn’t screaming, it was more of a muttered keening. It’s so hard to get a good scream going when you’re unconscious.


Work on the book is in high gear, now that all my interviews thus far have been transcribed. I have about 15 more interviews scheduled for this month, and that should finally wrap up that part of the process. I think my next big challenge will be editing down a book that could easily be 800,000 words to a tenth of that amount.

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