Book Interviews

One of the hardest interviews to land for my book has been Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. I had a couple of interviews scheduled with him last week, and they both fell through. The twice-rescheduled interview was set for 11:15 this morning–not an ideal time for someone who does the “meth lab operator shift,” but I wasn’t in a position to complain.

I set my alarm for 11 a.m. before I nodded off at 8. I figured that an 11 a.m. wakeup would allow me enough time to gather my wits and get in position to tape the phoner. My eyes opened for a brief moment during my nap, at which point I decided to peek at the clock to do a barely-conscious time check. The digital clock was flashing. There clearly had been a power surge of some sort, and the clock had reset itself, starting at 12 a.m. Panic, blind panic. After two cancellations, I had managed to sleep through the Tweedy interview. I scrambled to find another timepiece. I ran to the computer, which I always leave on. It was off, because…riiiight, there had been a power surge. My watch…had to find my watch. It was in my dresser drawer, right where I had left it. I looked at it and saw “10:15.” Whew. I hadn’t overslept. I was an hour early. Oh, hell, wait a minute, I never sprang the watch forward. The interview was supposed to happen RIGHT THEN. I ran to the phone to call Tweedy’s management office to get things going. “Did you get our message?” they asked.
“What message?” I said.
“He can’t do it today.”
“He can’t?”
“No, he’s got some stuff going on that he can’t get out of. Does tomorrow work for you?”
“Sure. Sure,” I said, breathless and relieved.
“How about 2:15?”

The good news is that I’ll be a little more rested for him tomorrow. The bad news? Another reschedule.

I interviewed Kerry Brown (Catherine) tonight, which was rescheduled from last week. In a different universe, his band should’ve received more attention for their second full-length “Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories.”

I’m also interviewing Ken Vandermark tomorrow, which will be my first time ever speaking with him.

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