Iran, Iran So Far Away…

Because I’m always happy to bellyflop into the pool of nuclear paranoia, Iran’s escalation of brinksmanship has really found me racing for my swim trunks lately.

There’s a big part of me that’s kinda surprised that the earth is still around today. After 9/11, I was convinced that we’d all be vapor trails by now and that “Thunderdome” was a reality less than 100 years away.

Russia and China have already taken Iran’s side–those are big and kinda frightening countries. Of course, the Russia of 2006 isn’t exactly the Russia of 1986, but it’s still not a good thing for us Old Glory wavers.

This situation frightens me. My government frightens me. The fact that I’m unknowingly flatulent while I sleep frightens me.

Jack Bauer, why are you not real?

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