The “24” Season Finale

Spoiler warning…obviously.


Great way to wrap up the season. My highlights:

-Within the first ten minutes of the show, we got to see Jack explain to a Naval engineer how to properly slit a man’s throat.

-Logan, Logan, Logan. What a fantastic villain he was this season. The confrontation with the First Lady in the airplane hangar was absolutely chilling.

-Am I crazy, or did it look like Audrey was aware of what was happening in the end?

-The Chinese strike back! I thought it was strange that the whole reason for Jack falling off the grid at the end of last season was downplayed this season. I was screaming at my T.V. when the show ended, knowing that the wait until January will be excruciating.

-Dr. Romano from E.R.–what happened there? Is he a dangling plot thread like the Chinese? He’s gotta reappear next year…right?

-Henderson’s demise. Jack’s list of reasons for taking Henderson out, just seconds before he pulled the trigger, was awesome.

Still the best show on television…

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