X-Men 3 / Superman product tie-ins

I saw “X-Men” this afternoon. And, critics be damned, it was really entertaining.

No, it wasn’t high art. No, it wasn’t as good as “X-Men 2.” But, as far as comics films go, it handily blew away other genre entries of recent years like “Fantastic Four,” “Daredevil,” “Constantine,” and “Hulk.”

I’m forgiving (perhaps overly so) of the script and of its need to try and tell fifty different stories in two hours time. My main issue was with the body count, which was totally gratutitous and not even a little consistent with the comic book source material.

Some reasons to recommend “X3″:
-Colossus. Even without a Russian accent.
-Seeing Angel fly.
-Seeing Beast kick ass. And growl.
-The Danger Room!
-Magneto. This was McKellen’s most, um, magnetic turn as the X-foe.
-Juggernaut running through walls.
-Kitty Pryde phasing through walls.
-Iceman icing up, if only for a moment.
-Marrow throwing bone shrapnel at Wolverine.
-A more interesting Storm.
-The basic premise of the mutant “cure.” I enjoyed the thorny ethical and social issues it created, even as superficially as they were handled in the film.


Yesterday, I wrote about Superman Cap’n Crunch, which is spectacular. Today, I tried Superman Sobe Energy Drink, which was like chugging liver bile. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact nature of the flavor to save my soul, other than it’s what I imagine death by asphyxiation to taste like.

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