Sin Tax Error

The A.M.A. is holding their convention in Chicago this week, and they have much to discuss when they’re not indulging in standard conventioneer activities like drinking and hiring callgirls off Craigslist. On the list of agenda items is whether to support a push to tax sodas. The idea is that, by taxing the Cokes and Mountain Dews of the world, the higher prices would help deter consumption and in turn help fight obesity.

We Americans are a stupid people. We do harmful things to ourselves. We eat too much. We drink too much. We think that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is wrongly saddled with the word “Disorder.” We’re all about excess. A sin tax on our Sprite would only momentarily irritate us as we open the spigot to fill up our 120 ounce “Exercise is For Pussies” Big Gulps.

You want to tax people who make bad decisions for themselves? Add an extra $15 to the monthly bills of all those cable subscribers who watch “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. An extra $50 for “American Idol.” Just leave my soda alone.

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