Book update

I’m now about four drafts in, and fairly convinced that the backbreaking work is behind me.

I’ve been pretty merciless with my editing, spending roughly two hours a day for the past few weeks trimming and reorganizing the manuscript. My feeling about editing is that it’s like moving out of a mansion into a studio apartment–only the essentials come with you to the new place. Everything else gets donated or sold on Ebay. At this point, lots of quotes, stories, sentences, and words that I once thought were essential are as good as non-fiction versions of a “Buy It Now” lot of 70’s crockpots.

Acquiring pictures has been a slow process. I didn’t focus too much on it as I was doing interviews and beginning to work on the manuscript because it was just too distracting. Now that I’ve been able to breathe a bit, I’ve secured photos from a select few A-list photographers and a handful of artists generous enough to share images from their personal photo albums. Say what you will about my writing when the time comes, at least the book will look cool.

I have a name for the book. I mentioned it to Lake Claremont a few months back, and they seemed to like it. In theory, the name could change–and the book won’t even be out until 2007–so I’ll hold back on revealing it for now.

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