Kickstart My Heart

The problem with the hours I work is the fact that I can’t easily procure a decent cup of coffee on my way in. When I worked middays, it was unthinkable to make the commute without stopping first for an extra shot venti skim cappucino from Starbuck’s.

The only really late Starbuck’s options in the city are in areas where it’s impossible to park or even throw my flashers on (North/Wells, Division Street). I’ve tried Dunkin Donuts coffee a few times, and it just plain sucks. I even gave 7-11 a go for a few nights, and I swear on my life that I’ll never mix a 24 ounce cup of 7-11 coffee with a “P-Eatza” again.

For the past two nights, I’ve stopped into Pick Me Up on Clark for what has to be the greatest caffeinated treasure in America–”The Zombie.” It’s two espresso shots in a 20 ounce cup of coffee, topped off with whipped cream. Think “red eye” with 20 cc of epinephrine. It’s allowed me to drive home after my show without fear of falling asleep at the wheel and veering into oncoming traffic. I heart it.

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