New Music

In a schizophrenic fit, I downloaded the new Celtic Frost and Grant Lee Phillips discs today. Celtic Frost “Monotheist” is a nice return to form, though a little Celtic Frost goes a long way (even for the metalest of metal fans). “Nineteeneighties” by Phillips is collection of sleepy covers of 80’s college rock (New Order, Pixies, Echo and the Bunnymen). It’s a “for fans only” disc, for sure, but it’s hard to deny the beauty of that voice soaking through “So. Central Rain.”

Quickie thoughts on other new releases:
Sonic Youth “Rather Ripped”–I stopped pretending to like them years ago. The songs here are less wanky than usual, but don’t leave much of an impression.

Bamd of Horses “Everything All the Time”–Bespectacled assholes who think the Shins sold out and pretend to like jazz have lots of nice things to say about this album. The reality? YAAAWN.

Sunset Rubdown “Shut Up I Am Dreaming”–Weird, dense, and wonderful. An early favorite of 2006.

Liars “Drums Not Dead”–Tedious. This album’s a total fraud. I liked their last album, but this has got to be a practical joke.

Belle and Sebastian “The Life Pursuit”–The first B&S album I’ve completely fallen in love with. It inspired me to go back through their catalog, which wasn’t as revelatory as I’d hoped it would be.

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