Sight Unzine

I’ve been trying to think up something creatively fulfilling that I could build from the ground up ever since I was unemployed. I came close on a few ideas, but nothing gained enough traction to maintain my enthusiasm. The proverbial light bulb went off again this week, and this idea will become reality. As of today, I’ve started work on a quarterly zine (name TBD).

The idea came from the fact that, as much as I enjoy all the various Chicago-related periodicals, none of them necessarily talk to “me.” I decided the best way to find articles about stuff I like is to either write them myself or have people I trust write them. To that end, I’ve started to enlist opinionated (but not elitist) friends of mine to write articles, interview people, and help create a new Chicago-centric zine.

The first round of people I contacted were more enthusiastic than I would’ve expected. In my initial pitch, I encouraged them to tell me that I was a pinhead with unappealing half-baked dreams and ideas. They told me the opposite. I love them all.

The great thing about the zine is that there are no financial or time pressures. It’ll get done when it gets done. But it will get done. Expect progress reports here.

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