Giving it another Tryspace

To reiterate: Myspace creeps me out. The “Friend Requests” from Bonerboy and TwistedFister666 are “Exhibits A and B” as to why I rejected Myspace the first time around. In the time away from Myspace, I realized a few things:

1) Everyone I know–people I’m close to–has a Myspace page. Yesterday’s child predator site is today’s quick communications tool. It’s also the quickest, easiest to update, way to have a personal website.
2) I have a book coming out next year and really could use all the bonus promotional support I can gather. Myspace is an easy way to help ratchet up the promotion.
3) Just because Bonerboy wants to be my friend doesn’t mean I have to play along.

So, I updated a Myspace profile ( I’ll continue to blog here exclusively, while using that page to be a promotional and communications tool for myself.

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