My trend in moviegoing

The last two movies I’ve been to have been turn-of-the-century period pieces about magicians. I saw “The Illusionist” two weeks ago, which was just “okay.” Ed Norton, who’s always great, made it so that I didn’t completely regret advance paying $9.25 to Fandango. The ending was just plain awful, though.

This past weekend, I took in “The Prestige,” starring Batman, Wolverine, Alfred, and the Goblin King. The eye-for-an-eye, “War of the Roses”-esque, oneupsmanship between Batman and Wolverine was fun to watch. For a while. Then it got really stupid. And like “The Illusionist,” the ending was far from satisfying.

I’m done with movies about magicians for now. If a Doug Henning biopic were to open at IMAX tomorrow, it still wouldn’t be enough to suck me in. A Penn and Teller movie on the other hand…


The preview for “Deja Vu,” which ran before “The Prestige,” looked awesome. Sci-fi. Time travel. Denzel. Big, dumb, fun. Can’t wait.

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