Vikings, an iPod, and Milwaukee

After being beat down by Guantanamo-level sleep deprivation for the past week or so, I decided to treat myself to a new 80g iPod, which would replace my failed 60g model. I jacked it into my computer on Thursday night, and let it roll with the massive library sync up. The goal was to at least have 60% of my music loaded and ready to go for a planned road trip to Milwaukee on Friday afternoon. By 12:30 p.m. yesterday, I was at about 75% and good to go.

Just as I dragged my fatigued carcass out of the shower, I decided that I really wanted to listen to something brand new for my trip. I checked iTunes for the new release from Tyr, “Ragnarok.” Tyr is one of many examples of the very sub subgenre known as “Viking metal.” What Thor-reading music fan doesn’t want to rock out to solo-heavy screamers about glory, Valhalla, Frost Giants, and drinking mead? Tyr is equal parts unintentional comedy and honest-to-Odin kickassery.

iTunes didn’t have “Ragnarok” (I doth declare, their transgressions will face the fury of mine hammer enchanted), so I downloaded the previous Tyr release, “Eric the Red.” Because my iPod had only made it to the Elliot Smith range, it would take too long for Tyr to show up in a re-sync. My solution? Create a Tyr playlist with those songs, and set the iPod to only sync up that playlist. Have you winced yet? Yeah. The only thing left on my iPod, two minutes later, was the Tyr album. I almost shed Tyrs. Once I allowed the self-loathing of the moment to pass, I plugged the iPod back into the computer to begin reloading my library.

I then grabbed an armload of CD’s and hit the road.


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