Apparatus and such

I tested out my home studio/podcasting setup yesterday, and it works. For those who have an interest in home recording/taping phone interviews, here’s what I’m doing(it’s much easier than it reads):

(Using a current version iMac)
-I’ve got a decent mic running through a pretty basic mixing console, which is plugged into the computer. I also use headphones to prevent echo.
-I’m using Ecamm’s Sound Recorder to record the calls. The software is a breeze, and it seemlessly integrates itself into Skype.
-I take the Quick Time files which are automatically created with each Skype call and use the audio splitter feature, which separates the host and caller audio. I then dump both tracks into the Call Recorder’s MP3 converter.
-I then take the MP3’s and put them on separate tracks in Garageband. I can then edit everything down with ease. The only issue I’ve noticed so far is that the caller’s level is lower than I’d like, but I can jack that up in Garage Band post-production.

Ready and looking forward to talking to Brad Meltzer this week. Red Tornado rules!

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