Election Day from the archives

I’ll be hitting the polls after I leave Q101 at 5:30 this morning. I just remembered an old blog posting from two years back which I thought would be fun to repost today:

Tuesday, November 2, 2004 10:34am
Election 2004.
Voting was a mild hassle for me this morning.I timed out an early morning run to end right at 6am in front of my polling place.After running 4 miles in cold, driving rain, I was anxious to cast my ballot and go home for a long hot shower.The people working the desk at my polling place turned out to be blithering idiots.When I presented my drivers license, the woman I spoke with insisted that I was in the wrong polling place.”But,” I explained, “this is where I voted last time.”She milled through a large tome with names and addresses. “Nope. Wrong precinct.You need to go to the school across the street.”
“Are you positive?”
“Definitely.It says so right here.”
“Listen, I’m short on time.I need to know for sure.This is where I voted last time.You’re 100% positive?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Alright, then.”

So, I walked across the street.In the rain.Walked the perimeter of the school until I found its one unlocked door.

I presented my I.D. to the people there.After a man behind the desk crosstabbed my address with his paperwork, he concluded, “Sorry, son, you need to vote across the street.”
“Are you sure?”
“Definitely.It says so right here.”

Back I went to my original polling place.The one I voted at in the last election. I approached the same nitwit who sent me away.”Hi.You just sent me to another polling place.That polling place sent me back here.”
“Hmmm.Let me see.Where do you live?”
I gave her my address.
“Oh, yes, you do vote in this building.Sorry for the misunderstanding.”
Sure you are.
At that point, the clock was working against me.I had much to do at home before I fought downtown traffic.I was pointed towards a line.A long line.An intimidatingly long line.The 25 minutes that had passed between the opening of the polls to the time I had been aimed towards the correct precinct was just enough time for everyone in my neighborhood to show up to vote.I almost gave up right then and there, with the thought that I’d try to do it later.But, I was there.What if something happened during the day that prevented my return?I had to stick around.Sweaty, rainsoaked, bitter, and stressed about time.I waited, and I voted.
Let the record show that people are dumb.Punching your way through a ballot isn’t like advanced trig.That being said, the butterfly ballot is a disaster.The holes don’t line up with the names.At the very least, maybe the endless list of judges up for retention could be spread out over a few more pages.Or something.The ballot is an eyesore that does require a little more concentration than should be necessary.

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