The David Bowie podcast

I’ve been having vivid dreams lately–so vivid they’re practically in HD. One of the more bizarre ones came this weekend…

I was in my kitchen making a Tofurkey sandwich. I suddenly remembered that I had to get everything set up for a Skype interview with David Bowie. I was supposed to call him, but I couldn’t remember where I left his phone number. I rifled through my file cabinet…then my backpack…then my wallet…nothing. Then I called my grandparents. They didn’t know his number either. Finally, I thought to look in my email folders. I found Bowie’s number only a minute or two after the scheduled time.

Next thing I knew, I was sitting in the kitchen of Bowie’s apartment, which for some reason was in Rogers Park. We were sitting across a card table from one another and I pulled out my notes. I’d prepped long and hard for this interview–I didn’t want to blow it. I pulled out my notebook and opened it to the page of questions I’d prepared. The only thing on the page?

-Giant squid.

That was it. Giant squid. I remember panicking in my dream, and waking up soon after.

For the record, If I’d been confronted with the “giant squid” scenario in real life, I’d have been able to fake it. “So, ‘Station to Station’…that album’s awesome, right?”

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