The first “Stun” stymie

I got my first major interview rejection for “Stun”–Neal Adams. For those who don’t know, Neal’s a comics legend. His run on “Batman” with Denny O’Neil is one of the most pointed-to in the history of the Caped Crusader. Again with Denny O’Neil, he helped make comics socially relevant with “Green Lantern/Green Arrow.” X-Men, Superman, Conan, the Avengers…his art was to the ’70s what Kirby was to the ’60s, John Byrne was to the ’80s, and Jim Lee to the ’90s.

With “Stun” gathering steam, I wanted to reach out to Neal to see if he’d be up for a 10-15 minute phone interview.

I didn’t just get a “no,” which would’ve been totally fair. I got an “I have no interest in doing an interview…BUT, if you can work the media and score me some interviews where I can talk about my science project, then I’d be willing to talk to you” (and, yes, I’m paraphrasing). Apparently, Neal’s thrown himself into scientific research, and is looking to further his theories and opinions (which are beautifully represented on his website with charts and graphs). I looked at his science project stuff. I don’t really understand it. It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to call WGN and pitch them on a science interview with the creator of “Ms. Mystic” just so that I can get an interview for my podcast. No interview is worth that.

I originally decided to not even respond to Neal’s email. I then changed my mind and wrote, “Sorry, not much I can do to help you with the media. Thanks for your consideration, regardless.” He never wrote back.

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