Why I’ve been awake since 2:30 this morning

When my brain drafts up a nightmare, it doesn’t screw around.

I had a screaming-until-awake nightmare this morning, the details of which are still pretty vivid, more than five hours later…

I was asleep, but restlessly so. It was cold in the room, as it usually is during my central heating’s sleep cycle. Needing more warmth, I pulled the covers up to my chin. That should’ve been enough comfort to send me back to sleep, but I started to become aware of a noise. It was a low thud, like a muffled kick drum, pounding metronomic time, coming from somewhere outside. Maybe it was a car engine. Maybe it was someone doing some yard work. Whatever it was, it just didn’t sound right. I stumbled out of bed to peek out through the blinds. It was pouring rain; there wasn’t much to see through the deluge. I stared at the rain and started to hear a different noise, a squealing, pained animal noise. I threw my jeans on and headed for the stairs. I stopped at the landing. I didn’t really want to see what was out there. Why did I have to be the one to check it out? Couldn’t someone else? No. I was aware that I was the only one in the area who was supposed to be investigating whatever was happening outside. I opened the back door and watched a current of mud and filth race past my feet. Must be one hell of a storm, I thought. I stared down and saw an animal leg float past. Then a handful of non-descript organs. What the hell was happening? I closed the door and went to the front hall closet to grab my jackets and some boots. Once they were on, I stepped out into the flood. Organs and limbs swam past me as I waded into the yard. Then I instantly knew what had happened–a cattle mutilation. Livestock was mysteriously slaughtered en masse on my property. I couldn’t fathom any of it. I walked toward the garage. A man in a robe was standing with his back to me. He slowly turned around to face me. Through the rain, I saw that he had no face. I stood paralyzed–unable to move or speak. He walked…shuffled…towards me. Though he had no mouth, I distinctly heard him say, “I will slaughter you next.”

And then I woke up, screaming out a string of unprintable profanity.

Maybe it doesn’t read as scary, but it was pantswettingly terrifying when my subconscious was being subjected to it. I even gave myself a chill or two recounting it here.

Nighty night.

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