For Your Consideration

Christopher Guest movies are met with one of two responses–total disinterest or hyperenthusiasm.

I’m one of those hyperenthusiastic fans. I’ve loved all the other ensemble movies–”Waiting for Guffman,” “Best in Show,” and “A Mighty Wind.” “For Your Consideration,” though not presented in “mockumentary” form, is more of the same–and that was exactly what I was hoping for.

There aren’t a lot of “laugh out loud” moments in Guest’s movies. Instead, there are dozens of funny moments that become even funnier the more you think about them. Walking out of the theater, I started to recount some of my favorite moments in the film. The more I talked, the more I giggled.

Catherine O’Hara is the most prominent player this time out, though some of the more minor roles (Eugene Levy as the slimy agent, Fred Willard as the vacuous “E.T.” host) were just as memorable to me.

Every aspect of show business is satired in “For Your Consideration,” and most of the satire is dead-on. In fact, there’s a scene where Parker Posey’s character has to endure a typical radio morning show interview. The scene had so much verisimilitude, it made me squirm in my seat.

“For Your Consideration” isn’t the best of the Guest movies. It’s probably the worst, and that still makes it better than most comedies you’ll see this year.

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