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Thanks to all who’ve listened to the podcasts on this site and/or downloaded them through iTunes (search “JVO” or “STUN”). I’m amazed by how quickly momentum has gathered for the podcast, and the plan for 2007 is to ramp it up to a much more high-profile level.

At the moment, I’m focused on booking guests. Most prospective guests are pretty easy to track down, while some are admittedly harder to make contact with. On my “wish list” (every talk show host has one) are Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Nicolas Cage, and Adam West. I’d add Kevin Smith to that list, but that seems too…obvious.

Do you have connections? I’m willing to offer up a six-pack of highly-desirable CD’s to the person who can secure me a phone interview with any of those four (other stars open to discussion).

I don’t believe in baby steps. I want “STUN” to be the premiere comics podcast in America.

Also–as far as the whole “bounty hunt” thing goes, please be advised to not capture a fugitive in Mexico. That didn’t work out so well for that Dog the Bounty Hunter guy.

Preparing for an unreasonable amount of snow in Chicago…

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