My shame on display

It snowed in Chicago yesterday. A lot.

I live on a corner, so I usually get the most snow drift on my block. With the sidewalks unwalkable yesterday, I grabbed my shovel and went about the business of clearing a path. Not only was there a lot of snow, it was a dense, wet, “good packing,” kind of snow. I started shoveling. And shoveling.

I realized about 20 minutes in that I was sweating. Five minutes later, I was aware that I was breathing heavily and my arms were shaking. The snow was much heavier than I had anticipated. My arms trembled as I hoisted shovelful after shovelful of snow off to the sides of the walk. Anyone watching would’ve certainly felt pity–if not an outright need to mock me.

After 35 minutes, I surrendered, waving my metaphorical white (snow) flag. I’ll try to finish the job today, though with everything iced over I may just bide my time until spring.

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