3 a.m. Transmitter Maintenance 12/7/06

KMFDM “Juke Joint Jezebel” (On Demand Request)
Detholz! “I M A Believer”
Pulp “Babies”
Pylon “Crazy”
Idlewild “Little Discourage”
Erasure “A Little Respect” (On Demand Request)
System of a Down “Radio/Video” (On Demand Request)
Stooges “1969”
Pere Ubu “Waiting for Mary”
Smog “Cold Blooded Old Times”
Monolith “Fallout Sunset”
Southern Culture on the Skids “Camel Walk”
The Damned “Neat Neat Neat”
Sum 41 “The Hell Song” (On Demand Request)

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