3 a.m. Transmitter Maintenance, 12/20/06

Viva Chicago!
Ministry “The Land of Rape and Honey” (request)
Apocalypse Hoboken “Little Fingers”
Naked Raygun “Home of the Brave” (request)
Changes “When I Wake”
From Zero “Sorry” (request)
Dovetail Joint “Level on the Inside” (request)
Califone “Spider’s House”
Liz Phair “Stratford-on-Guy”
Chevelle “The Clincher” (request)
The Jesus Lizard “Destroy Before Reading”
Slugs “Clock that Won’t Stop”
Twin Wrecks the Memory “End of the World”
Local H “Half Life” (request)
Eleventh Dream Day “Makin’ Like a Rug”
Smoking Popes “I Know You Love Me” (request)
No Empathy “Vitamin P”

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