The pervasive influence of Rush

I filled my car’s gas tank up tonight, cutting off the flow when the total hit $21.12. I figured it’d be easy to remember (I used my debit card and I don’t trust pumps to print receipts) because A) the number is a palindrome; and B) It’s the name of Rush’s magnum opus.

That got me thinking about how many other people pull out at the moment of absolute Peartness. Then I started to think that there must be a way for gas stations to sort and rank gas purchases by total spent. I’d imagine that $10 and $20 would be the big winners, with honorable mention given to $21.12,” “$6.66,” and “12.34.”

I then wiped those thoughts from my mind, bought a bag of puffy Cheetos and a Coke Zero, and drove on.

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