The ill of it all

I took a few vacation days between Christmas and New Year’s Day–after all, if you don’t use all your vacation time, the company wins. In a cruel, cruel, twist of fate, I fought off a brutal cold for much of it and got very little sleep in the meantime.

Coughing, sniffling, chills, headache…I cycled through them all. And now, I’m wrestling with laryngitis, a malady that haunts my voice about three times a year. I’m on the air right now, not at all wanting to know just how pained my voice sounds coming through the speakers. I’m desperately hoping that I can fix it by tomorrow. My plan is to employ the “Holy Trinity” of voice recovery–rest, hot tea, and shutting up when I don’t need to be talking. I know I’m good for the hot tea, at least.

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