Shake the hand that RSS feeds

I think I’ve figured out how to syndicate my STUN casts to places like Podcast Alley using an RSS feed. I was out sick last night and up ridiculously late (for a night I wasn’t on the air), reading endless tutorials. I went to bed feeling somewhat satisfied that I had learned a valuable new skill.

For the aspiring entrepreneur, there’s big money to be made for the person who creates an Apple-simple one-stop site that:

-Has an easy to create webpage template like Myspace, including the ability to powerblog and upload photos.
-Hosts podcast audio.
-Allows for the downloading and streaming of podcast audio, and makes the setting up of both easy for the creator.
-Also provides the option for one-click submission to iTunes (or other podcast sites).

I’m stunned (no pun intended) that something that obvious doesn’t exist yet. For now, most podcasters like myself need to Frankenstein the pieces together from several different sources (Odeo and WordPress being my two primary ones).

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