Today’s Alex Irvine interview

I interviewed author Alex Irvine this afternoon for the 1/22/07 edition of “STUN”. Though new to comics (his first effort, Marvel’s “Hellstorm,” is on the racks now), he’s an accomplished writer with a string of well-written and entertaining fantasy novels (including the most recent WWII-mixed-with-Jewish-mysticism “The Narrows”).

At first, I thought that the interview wasn’t going to happen at all. Alex had completely forgot about our scheduled 9:30 a.m. call. I called once; no answer. Twice; same thing. I left him a voice mail to say that I’d be dropping him a line via Myspace to reschedule. I assumed that all was lost. Not the case–he responded quickly to my message, and was honestly apologetic. We agreed to reschedule for 2 p.m.

The need to reschedule was an omen of “issues” to come. The interview itself was great; Alex is a smart, funny guy. The problem with the interview was technology conspiring against me. Only one minute in, I realized that the connection was terrible. I asked if I could call him back. He gave me his home number, and I wrote it down what turned out to be incorrectly. After dialing some other nice person in Maine’s home, I sheepishly called Alex’s cell phone number to again get the correct number to call. Once we reconnected, things were going just fine. We talked about the Devil, writing, comics, and then…nothing. Skype went all static on me and dumped the call. After one final re-call, we were good for the remainder of the interview. Even though things were going fine, I did end up dropping a handful of questions out of fear that I was racing against the clock and that our connection was in peril of another severing.

It was one of those quirky “comedy of errors,” “never let ‘em see you sweat,” moments. The good news is that there’ll be no hint of that fact once the podcast goes live on 1/22.

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