I finally watched the last 15 minutes of the two night, four-hour, season premiere of “24″ last night. Life got in the way of me finishing it in a more timely fashion this week and it was killing me.

Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t imagine how I avoided having the ending spoiled for me. I must’ve been so distracted this week that I completely ignored newspapers, pop culture television, and my usual bookmarked websites. Holy crap, what a satsifying round of surprises in that last quarter hour (summarized below–SPOILER WARNING!!!)…

Jack kills Curtis. Jack throws up. A nuclear suitcase bomb takes out a chunk of Los Angeles. Pretty impressive, considering there are still 20 episodes/hours to go this season.

There are plenty of inconsistencies in this season–there always are. And I’m always too happy to look past them.

I love Dr. Bashir on the show, by the way.

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