Mooninitey Nite

Boston…brought to its knees by the Aqua Teen Hunger Force! I thought the story was ridiculous until I actually saw CNN’s video footage of the Lite Brite displays getting placed around the city. Most people over the age of 20–let alone those who aren’t stoners–would have no way of knowing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force from Aquaman (though I hardly know Aquaman these days…D.C., what have you done?). With a middle finger aimed at civilian America and a battery and wire on the back side, the “guerilla marketing” boards had to look sinister when they just appeared out of nowhere. I’m normally the first to dismiss needless post-9/11 hysteria, but I completely understand why Bostonians were freaked out.

That all being said, I’m against criminal charges being filed. It was a stupid ad campaign and lots of people will lose their jobs because of it. I think a contrite, s***-eating, formal apology from all involved personnel should suffice. But you just know it won’t–Boston mayor Thomas Menino is out for blood. Prepare yourself for the Boston T.V. Party.

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