Saturday night’s all right for sucking…

I stayed in last night. Having felt the early signs of a cold starting in the morning, I decided to drink lots of fluids and keep things low-key in the evening. Besides, it was reallystupidlydangerously cold outside last night. Still is, for that matter.

Dressed in my “house casual” ensemble of a Super Friends t-shirt and sweatpants, I fell into the corner of my couch and watched a lot of television, both live and DVR-recorded. Some thoughts:

Antiques Roadshow on PBS-
Holy crap, I’ve become my grandmother! This is the best show ever. I sat in amazement as I watched everyday rubes get their dust-covered treasures appraised for tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe it’s the comic collector in me who finds this show so fascinating. Maybe it’s the fact that I truly lost any edge I had years ago. Maybe the show really is good.

Saturday Night Live-
Not funny at all last night, though I know better than to ever write SNL off for the long term. The biggest surprise was the absence of a “Superfans” sketch. Talk about a missed opportunity, the night before the Bears return to the Super Bowl. I guess George Wendt was busy. Lilly Allen was the musical guest–I’m not buying into that hype machine at all.

30 Rock-
I’d almost cancelled my series recording of “30 Rock” after the season’s first three, painfully unfunny, shows. Unbelievably, the show has completely turned around and is now one of the funniest and most dependable network comedies. Alec Baldwin remains the highlight, though it’s the more-quotable-by-the-week dialogue that’s really got me hooked. And this week’s appearance of Paul Rubens as inbred royalty? Funny from the first time we got to see him and his little plastic hand.

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