The post of the Rising Sun

I’ve recently become fascinated by, and hungry to read more of, manga. I’d pretty much ignored the genre for years, something I think a lot of 30-somethings are guilty of. And then…I picked up Hellsing. Then Eden. Full Metal Alchemist after that. A recent trip to Barnes and Noble set me back $50 in manga books alone.

I’m overwhelmed by all the catching up there is to do with manga books. I’ve been thinking about possibly doing a “manga 101″-type edition of “STUN.” I think a historical dissection of the medium would be of immense value to people who don’t even know where to begin with manga, and fun for those who have been drinking the saki all along. If you’re a manga fan, please point me in the direction of some of your favorite titles/series!

Along similar lines, I just submitted an iMix of Japanese music to’s iTunes Store manager. It should be listed on within the next day or so:

Esoteric Black Hair “Are You Satisfied?”
Dir En Grey “Merciless Cult”
Guitar Wolf “Jet Generation”
Momus “I Want You, But I Don’t Need You”
Kiyoshi Yoshida “The Lucky Spirit”
Pizzicato Five “It’s a Beautiful Day”
Puffy AmiYumi “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N”
Cornelius “Drop”
Shonen Knife “Riding on the Rocket”
Melt Banana “We Will Rock You”
Electric Eel Shock “Bastard!”
The Boredoms “I Am Cola”

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