Shojo no-go

My new and rapidly-growing manga obsession found me in a library today, taking out a dozen or so books. I wanted to experiment with a bunch of titles, but didn’t want to commit to paying for them. After all, $9-$12 a book adds up real fast.

I decided to try a bunch of different “Shojo,” or female, titles including “Fruits Basket” and “Oh My Goddess.” I dumped everything into my canvas book bag and raced home to read my new loaner acquisitions. I quickly learned that I hate Shojo manga. Most of the books went back into the bag to be returned tomorrow. I guess I’m just a “Shonen,” or male, manga reader. The books I’ve been enjoying have been more of the psychological thriller, paranormal, and dark side of human nature, variety. I’m still making my way through “Death Note,” which is just amazing.

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